Essential Amenities for Home Buyers
Jun 19, 2023Homes and People

Essential Amenities for Home Buyers

by Godrej Properties Limited



Most homebuyers today demand the best amenities in residential projects to get the maximum value out of their investment. Read this blog to learn about the most desired house amenities.

When purchasing a home, buyers are not just looking for walls and roofs. They seek a comfortable and convenient lifestyle that caters to their needs and suits their budget.

List of amenities provided by builders in residential projects

Strategic location and connectivity

Proximity to schools, colleges, hospitals, markets, and public transportation is vital. Good connectivity to major roads, highways, and transportation hubs is highly valued, as it ensures easy commute and access to essential services. Additionally, reliable electricity and water supply are among the top 10 home amenities desired by every home buyer.

Security measures

Gated communities with 24x7 security personnel, CCTV surveillance, and access control systems offer a feeling of safety and peace of mind to homebuyers. Guarded entrances, perimeter fencing, and robust security protocols are basic amenities of a house that ensure a secure living environment.

Sustainable development

With the growing awareness about environmental sustainability, rainwater harvesting systems have become increasingly important to conserve water and reduce dependency on external sources. Properties with eco-friendly initiatives like solar panels and waste management systems are also highly valued.

Recreational facilities

Well-equipped gyms, swimming pools, jogging tracks, parks, rooftop amenities, houses with a basketball court, and landscaped gardens offer relaxation, fitness, and social benefits.

Parking facilities

The availability of ample parking spaces, both for residents and guests, is highly desirable in residential projects. Covered parking areas or multi-level parking facilities for 2-3 cars per home offer protection against harsh weather conditions and ensure the safety of vehicles.

Smart home technology

The advent of smart home technology has transformed the expectations of the amenities of a house. Indian home buyers are increasingly interested in properties equipped with smart features such as home automation systems, voice-controlled assistants, energy-efficient appliances, and remote-controlled access to lighting, temperature, and security systems.

The final word

Developers and builders are well aware of changing buyer preferences and are incorporating this list of house amenities into their projects. Keep these in mind to make informed decisions and find your dream home.

Frequently asked questions

1. Do residential projects include pet-friendly amenities?

Ans: There are some residential properties that offer amenities like pet parks, walking trails, or veterinary clinics to accommodate families with one or more pets.

2. What are the basic amenities you need in a residential project?

Ans: Water supply, power backup, sewage management, lifts/elevators, security, parking, and recycling facilities are the basic amenities in a house. 

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