Documents Required for Legal Heir Certificate: A guide to Online Application

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Obtaining a legal heir certificate is imperative to establish one's rightful claim over the estate of a deceased family member. This document serves as proof of inheritance. Securing a legal heir certificate can be a time-intensive procedure, encompassing multiple stages and potentially necessitating the provision of diverse documents. This comprehensive guide will simplify the process of applying for a legal heir certificate online and the specific documents you need. 

Need of a Legal Heir Certificate

A legal heirship certificate from the court is necessary for inheriting the deceased's property and assets, transferring or selling real estate, gaining access to the deceased's bank accounts, making insurance claims, and fulfilling tax obligations on behalf of the deceased individual.

Documents Required for Online Application

The application for a legal heir certificate requires the following documents:

  • A copy of the death certificate to verify the person's demise and initiate the process.
  • Identity Proof of the Applicant: Provide self-attested documents like an Aadhar card, passport, voter ID, or driver's licence of the person applying for the certificate.
  • Relationship Proof: Any legal document like birth or marriage certificates demonstrating a family connection with the deceased.
  • A valid address proof, such as a recent bill or rental agreement, is needed to verify the applicant's residence.
  • Affidavit: Prepare an affidavit on a stamp paper attesting to the details of all legal heirs, their relationship with the deceased, and their consent to obtain the certificate.
  • Provide passport-sized photographs of the applicant and all other legal heirs mentioned in the affidavit.

Obtain a Legal Heir Certificate: The Process

To obtain a Legal Heir Certificate, follow these steps:

  • Legal heir certificate online apply: Submit an application to the local revenue office or municipal corporation with details of the deceased and the heirs.
  • Supporting documents like the death certificate of the deceased, identity and residence proof of the applicants.
  • The authorities will verify the information provided and may conduct an inquiry if necessary.
  • Upon successful verification, the certificate can get issued to the rightful heirs.

Legal Heir Certificate Cost

It is essential to know the expenses involved while applying for the certificate. There are many aspects that you should consider regarding the legal heir certificate cost, such as:

  • Government fees that differ from state to state
  • The value of the assets involved determines Stamp Duty
  • Professional Assistance could include hiring a lawyer or availing the services of an online legal platform.

Conclusion: Don't Miss These Crucial Documents

Remember to verify the specific requirements of your state or jurisdiction, and always use authentic information to prevent any legal complications. Take the time to compile the essential documents when applying for the certificate. 


Q: Can the legal heir certificate be obtained from a court?

A: When there is a dispute or a case of no will, the legal heir certificate needs to get obtained from a court after due legal proceedings.

Q: What is the cost of a legal heir certificate?

A: The cost of a legal heir certificate can differ based on the rules and regulations of a state.

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