Jun 19, 2023

Understanding Cost of Living in Delhi

by Godrej Properties Limited



A Quick Look into Living Cost in Gurugram

For people looking to live close to Delhi with some much-needed peace, Gurgaon offers a wide range of home projects. Numerous Fortune 500 firms, modern infrastructure, and upscale housing options have all contributed to the city's success in drawing visitors from throughout the nation.

Relocating to Gurgaon? Knowing the cost of living in Gurugram before moving might be helpful. 

Living expenses are made up of a number of factors, including lodging, transportation, and lifestyle choices; therefore, having general knowledge about them aids in effective movement planning.

Important Things to Consider When Moving to Gurgaon

There are a few things you should carefully consider before moving to Gurgaon. You can choose the budget you need to live comfortably by considering living expenses in Gurgaon like transportation, food, living expenses, and utilities, among others.

Here is the breakdown of cost of living in Gurgaon:

Property Rates and Rent

There are 2 BHK, 3 BHK, and 4 BHK apartments available for both bachelors and families in Gurgaon. You can either rent an apartment or purchase one as an investment. If you wish to buy, properties like Godrej Icon, Godrej Aria, and Godrej Nature Plus are very popular and range between Rs 1.45 crores to 2.5 crores. Similarly, properties like Godrej Air and Godrej Icon range between Rs 90 lacs to Rs 1 crore.

Household Expenses

Gurgaon residents must pay for some amenities, including electricity, water, gas, and trash removal, among others. This considerably impacts living costs in Gurugram. Hiring domestic help may incur additional costs. As a result, the monthly cost for the household falls in the range of Rs 7,000-10,000. 


You might have to rely on private cabs and autorickshaws in Gurgaon due to the city's limited public transportation choices. Depending on how far you reside from your place of employment, the average monthly cost of transit may be significant. Transportation costs can increase as a result of increased gasoline prices. In Gurgaon, an autorickshaw costs Rs 50 for a two-kilometer trip. Therefore, you may count on paying an extra Rs 5,000 for transportation.


Lifestyle choices have an impact on costs because they are personal and might differ from person to person. Lifestyle costs are projected to be roughly Rs 3,000 per month on average.

Ending Note

Gurgaon housing costs for families can be a little higher. Included in the monthly cost are transportation expenses, living expenses, lifestyle choices, and maintenance fees, which can range from Rs 60,000 to 70,000. Depending on the home they live in, the cost of living for couples in Gurgaon with working professionals will be around Rs 30,000 per month.


Frequently asked questions

1. What is the cost of living in Gurgaon?

Ans: The average monthly costs for a comfortable living, including rent, groceries, transport, etc., are Rs 50,000.

2. Which factors should you consider before moving to Gurgaon?

Ans: Consider factors like transportation, food, fuel cost, food expenses, living expenses, and utilities, among others.

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