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Navigating the Cost of Living in Bangalore

by Godrej Properties Limited



Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India, is a booming metropolis in the state of Karnataka. With its thriving IT industry, vibrant start-up culture, pleasant weather, and cosmopolitan outlook, Bangalore attracts professionals and students from across the country. However, residing in Bangalore can be expensive. Let's explore the average cost of living in Bangalore.


Cost of Living in Bangalore in 2023

Here's a breakdown of the cost of living in Bangalore for various expenses:

ExpensesAverage Expenditure (Per Month)
1 BHK Apartment RentStarting at Rs 11,500
2 BHK Apartment RentStarting at Rs 16,000
Electricity BillApproximately Rs 2,200
Monthly Bus PassAround Rs 1,500
Wi-FiStarting at Rs 1,000
GroceriesAn average of Rs 1,200
Meal for TwoStarting at Rs 2,500
HousemaidStarting at Rs 2,000

Cost of Accommodation in Different Localities of Bangalore(2023)

Here are approximate prices for renting and buying property in different localities of Bangalore. These will significantly affect living cost Bangalore.

Affordable Localities:

LocalityCategoryAverage Monthly RentalsProperty Price (Per Sq Ft)
KengeriAffordableRs 13,000 onwardsRs 4,900
NagavaraAffordableRs 10,000 onwardsRs 5,700
TavarekereAffordableRs 10,000 onwardsRs 5,200
EjipuraAffordableRs 11,000 onwardsRs 6,800
Dodda NekundiAffordableRs 10,000 onwardsRs 6,400

Premium Localities: 

LocalityCategoryAverage Monthly RentalsProperty Price (Per Sq Ft)
BasavanagudiPremiumRs 24,000 onwardsRs 9,300
Indira NagarPremiumRs 23,000 onwardsRs 13,900
Electronic CityPremiumRs 8,000 onwardsRs 4,900
WhitefieldPremiumRs 11,000 onwardsRs 7,400
HebbalPremiumRs 9,000 onwardsRs 10,200

Living Expenses in Bangalore Associated with Different Lifestyles

1. Living Expenses for a Single Person
Managing the cost of living in Bangalore for a single person can be done on a budget. Renting a 1 BHK apartment costs around Rs 15,000 per month. Monthly expenses in Bangalore, including utilities, domestic help, and maintenance, amount to approximately Rs 10,000. Opting for public transportation can help reduce transportation costs.
2. Managing Expenses for Families
For families considering moving to Bangalore, it is essential to anticipate an increase in living costs. Along with rent and accommodation, expenses such as school fees, domestic help, groceries, and transportation should be considered. 
The overall monthly expenses in Bangalore for a family of four may range between Rs 40,000 and Rs 50,000. Owning a car can add around Rs 8,000 to monthly expenses, whereas utilising public transport can lower costs to approximately Rs 3,000.

3. Coping with Expenses as a Working Couple
Managing expenses as a working couple in Bangalore requires careful consideration of lifestyle choices and location. Rent can range from Rs 25,000 to Rs 30,000, while affordable residential sectors fall between Rs 15,000 and Rs 20,000 monthly. Additionally, household monthly expenses in Bangalore can reach Rs 35,000. 
Key Factors Affecting Living Costs in Bangalore

  • Housing and Accommodation
  • Food and Groceries
  • Utilities and Miscellaneous Expenses

While living costs in Bangalore may be higher than in other cities, the city offers ample opportunities. By making smart choices, such as opting for affordable locations and minimizing unnecessary expenses, you can manage your finances effectively.

Things to Know Before Moving to Bangalore

Before relocating to Bangalore, consider the following factors besides Bangalore cost of living 2023. 

  • Language: English is widely spoken, but knowing a local language can be helpful.
  • Initial Expenses: Plan for higher initial expenses as you settle in, especially for commuting.
  • Public Transportation: Traffic can be challenging; public transport may be crowded during peak hours.
  • Security Deposit: Landlords may request a security deposit of up to 10-12 months' rent.
  • Location: Choose a residence close to your workplace to save on commute time.
  • Water Supply: Check water availability in the area; some rely on water tankers.
  • Dining Out: Eating out can be expensive compared to other cities.


Frequently asked questions

1. Are there affordable areas to live in Bangalore?

Ans: Yes, Bangalore has affordable locations to invest such as Kengeri, Nagavara, Tavarekere, Ejipura, and Dodda Nekundi, where the cost of living is relatively lower compared to premium localities.

2. Are there any specific challenges to consider when moving to Bangalore?

Ans: Moving to Bangalore may come with certain challenges, such as language barriers when interacting with locals, high initial expenses while settling in, and crowded public transportation during peak hours.

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