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Cost of Living in Hinjewadi Compared to other Popular Areas in Pune

by Godrej Properties Limited



The cost of living in Pune can vary from region to region. For those seeking affordability, one potential option is Hinjewadi, a renowned IT hub situated in the western part of Pune. Despite experiencing an increase in living expenses over time, Hinjewadi continues to provide numerous cost-effective housing choices. The affordable residential properties in Hinjewadi are particularly favourable for professionals employed in the IT industry.

What is the Average Cost of living in Hinjewadi, Pune?

The average cost of living in Hinjewadi is slightly lower than that in Delhi but higher than that in several cities in southern India. The average monthly cost for a single person in Hinjewadi can vary from INR 20,000 to INR 40,000. This estimate includes expenses such as rent, utilities, groceries, transportation, and entertainment. However, these figures are approximate and subject to variations based on factors like accommodation type, lifestyle choices, and personal preferences.

What Determines the Cost of Living in Hinjewadi?

Consider these aspects to estimate your living costs easily:

  • Your occupation
  • Number of people sharing your living space
  • Your employment status
  • Type of residence (rented, owned, shared, etc.)
  • Daily transportation expenses
  • Distance between your home and workplace/business points
  • Nature of your job and its opportunities
  • Your lifestyle choices
  • Household and overhead expenses

Accommodation Costs in Hinjewadi

The price of acquiring or leasing a suitable living space depends on the area of residence and the type of housing. Additionally, one should take into account the security deposit they will have to pay when planning to own or rent a property in Pune. 

Type of AccommodationApproximate Rent Per Month Approximate Cost for Buying a Property
1 BHK₹ 8,000 - ₹ 17,500₹ 35 lakhs 
2 BHK₹ 17,500 - ₹ 25,000 ₹ 75 lakhs                   
3 BHK₹ 25,000 - ₹ 60,000 ₹ 1.5 crores    
Paying Guest₹ 6,500 - ₹ 15,000 NA

Credible builders such as Godrej Properties Hinjewadi offer modern living spaces in Hinjewadi Phase 1 through projects like Godrej Woodsville. These residences not only provide affordable and upscale housing options but also come with a variety of accompanying amenities.

The Final Word

The cost of living in Pune varies across different regions, with Hinjewadi standing out as an affordable option, particularly for IT professionals. Despite increasing living expenses, the area continues to offer cost-effective housing choices. The region's affordability and convenient amenities make it a desirable place for families and professionals seeking economical living in Pune.


Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is the average cost of living in Hinjewadi, Pune?

Ans: The average monthly cost for a single person in Hinjewadi ranges from INR 20,000 to INR 40,000.

2. What are the accommodation options and costs in Hinjewadi?

Ans: Accommodation options range from 1 BHK to 3 BHK with approximate monthly rents of ₹8,000 to ₹60,000. Property purchase costs vary from ₹35 lakhs to ₹1.5 crores, providing diverse choices for residents.


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