How to Get a CTS Number Online and Its Importance
Apr 04, 2024Mumbai Real Estate

How to Get a CTS Number Online and Its Importance

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If you are interested in Mumbai real estate and plan on buying a property in Mumbai, then you must know how to get the CTS number of your property online. Why? Let’s understand what the CTS number is and its importance when buying apartments in Mumbai.

CTS Number

City Title Survey Number typically refers to a unique identification number assigned to a specific parcel of land within a city or urban area. This number is often used in land records and property transactions to identify and track individual properties accurately. It helps maintain property ownership records, conduct surveys, and resolve legal land and real estate disputes within city limits.

The Importance of a CTS Number

  • Property Identification: These numbers uniquely identify parcels of land within a city or municipality. They help in accurately identifying and distinguishing one property from another.
  • Legal Purposes: City Title Survey Numbers are crucial in legal transactions related to property ownership, property transfers, and disputes. They serve as reference points in property deeds, contracts, and legal documents.
  • Property Records: City Title Survey Numbers are part of the official property records maintained by government authorities. They provide a historical record of property ownership, boundaries, and changes over time.
  • Development and Planning: City planners, developers, and architects use survey numbers to understand land use patterns, zoning regulations, and development potential. This information is vital for urban planning and infrastructure development.
  • Taxation: Property taxes are often based on City Title Survey Numbers. Local governments use these numbers to assess the value of properties and levy taxes accordingly.
  • Public Information: City Title Survey Numbers are sometimes made available to the public through online databases or property information systems. This transparency allows citizens to access information about properties within their city or municipality.

How to Find a City Title Survey Number Online

To check a CTS Number online, follow these general steps:

  • Start by visiting the official website of the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) or the Maharashtra government's land records portal ( to find the CTS Number online.
  • Look for the CTS number/ survey number option on the homepage.
  • Enter the relevant details of the property for which you need the CTS No. online. This could include the property address, district, taluka, owner's name, or any other information required by the search tool.
  • The system should retrieve relevant information about the property, including its CTS number.

CTS Office Directory

TalukaCTS OfficesVillages Under Jurisdiction
Andheri AndheriAndheri, Ambivali, Bandivali, Ismalia, Madh, Magara, Mojas, Oshivara, Versova
Andheri BandraBandra, Kole-Kalyan, Parighakhar
AndheriVile-ParleVile-Parle, Gundavali, Sahar, Juhu, Marol, Kondivata, Chakata, Bapnala, Bramhanwada, Parjapur, Marol, Mulgaon, Vyarvali
BorivaliBorivaliBorivali, Kandivali, Dahisar, Eksar, Gorai, Magathane, Manori, Mandpeswar, Charkop, Shimpoli, Kanheri
BorivaliGoregaonAksa, Akurli, Daravali, Erangal, Poisar, Marve, Malavani, Wadhavan, Valanai, Pahari-Eksar, Pahari-Goregaon
BorivaliMaladAarey, Goregaon, Gundgaon, Kurar, Klerabad, Malad, Chichavali, Dindoshi, Sai, Tulsi
KurlaKurlaKurla, Mohali, Saki
KurlaMulundMulund, Bhandup, Pawai, Paspoli, Pawai, Nahur, Tirandaj, Kopari, Kanjur
KurlaGhatkoparGhatkopar-Kirol, Kirol, Ghatkopar, Chandivali, Tungao, Asalpha, Deonar, Vikroli, Hariyali
KurlaChemburChembur, Turbhe, Maravali, Mandale, Borla, Mankhurd, Vadhavali, Mahul, Anik

Securing a CTS number online in Mumbai is a crucial step in various property-related transactions and legal proceedings. Whether you're a resident of Mumbai or an outsider navigating the city's real estate landscape, having a clear understanding of the CTS system allows you to make informed decisions and proceed with confidence in your property dealings.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Where is my CTS number listed?

A: You can check your CTS number on the official website of  Maharashtra Bhumi Abhilekh or Mahabhulekh portal at

Q. What is the significance of the CTS number?

A: The CTS number helps ensure accurate documentation, title verification, and legal compliance during property transactions.

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