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Circle Rate in Delhi 2023 | Ready Reckoner Rate in Delhi

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For investors, real estate investment in Delhi can be a great option. Job opportunities have increased with many well-known companies from all over the world opening offices in the Indian capital. Hence, there is a high demand for real estate in Delhi. If you're planning to buy or sell property here, understanding Circle Rates is crucial. This comprehensive guide explains the circle rate in Delhi 2023 also known as ready reckoner rate in Delhi. 

Recent Changes in Delhi Circle Rates

Delhi witnessed a recent development regarding circle rates. The 20% reduction in the ready reckoner rate in Delhi, which was applicable till June 30, 2022, has been discontinued. It has led to increased property costs since July 1, 2022.

Multiple Circle Rates within the Same City

Developed areas with excellent infrastructure, public transportation, and thriving commercial zones have higher Circle Rates. Less-developed regions farther from the city centre have lower Circle Rates.

Understanding Delhi Circle Rate for Flats in 2023

For DDA and society flats, the circle rates (per sq meter) stand as follows:

  • Up to 30 sq meters: Rs. 50,400 (DDA) and Rs. 55,400
  • 30-50 sq meters: Rs. 54,480 (DDA) and Rs. 62,652
  • 50-100 sq meters: Rs. 66,240 (DDA) and Rs. 79,488
  • More than 100 sq meters: Rs. 76,200 (DDA) and Rs. 95,250
  • Multi-storey apartment: Rs. 87,840 (DDA) and Rs. 1.1 lakhs

Deciphering Circle Rates in Delhi Category-wise

Given below are circle rates per square metre.

  • A Category: Rs. 7.74 lakhs (land cost), Rs. 21,960 (residential construction cost), Rs. 25,200 (commercial construction cost)
  • B Category: Rs. 2.46 lakhs (land cost), Rs. 17,400 (residential construction cost), Rs. 19,920 (commercial construction cost)
  • C Category: Rs. 1.6 lakhs (land cost), Rs. 13,920 (residential construction cost), Rs. 15,960 (commercial construction cost)
  • D Category: Rs. 1.28 lakhs (land cost), Rs. 11,160 (residential construction cost), Rs. 12,840 (commercial construction cost)
  • E Category: Rs. 70,080 (land cost), Rs. 9,360 (residential construction cost), Rs. 10,800 (commercial construction cost)
  • F Category: Rs. 56,640 (land cost), Rs. 8,220 (residential construction cost), Rs. 9,480 (commercial construction cost)
  • G Category: Rs. 46,200 (land cost), Rs. 6,960 (residential construction cost), Rs. 8,040 (commercial construction cost)
  • H Category: Rs. 23,280 (land cost), Rs. 3,480 (residential construction cost), Rs. 3,960 (commercial construction cost).

Conclusion: Decoding Delhi Circle Rates

Understanding circle rates of property in Delhi is essential for buyers and sellers, as they set the base for valuations and stamp duties. The recently updated rates and variations across categories necessitate a clear understanding of the circle rate system. 

Frequently asked questions

Q: Are circle rates the same for all areas in Delhi?

A: It vary across different localities and categories in Delhi. You can check the circle rate on Delhi's DORIS portal.

Q: How often are circle rates updated in Delhi?

A: Circle rates in Delhi are subject to periodic revisions based on market conditions and government regulations.

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