Aug 22, 2023

Circle Rate in Chennai 2023 | Ready Reckoner Rates in Chennai

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Chennai, the vibrant capital city of Tamil Nadu, is witnessing a surge in real estate transactions. Hence, home buyers need to understand the Chennai circle rate, also known as the Guideline Value. The following sections will explain the formula for calculating Circle Rates in Chennai. The article also showcases the new Circle Rates in Chennai 2023.

How to Determine the Guideline Value of a Property in Chennai

To calculate the Guideline Value in Chennai or the minimum value of a property in Chennai, use the following formula:

Multiply the guideline value in Rs/Sq meter by the Built up area in Sq meter, and you will get the property value.

For example, if the Guideline Value in a specific location is Rs. 10,000 per square meter, and the property's area is 500 square meters, the property's value would be Rs. (10,000 x 500) = Rs 50 lakhs.

Chennai Guideline Value (2023) - Land Prices Per Sq. Ft.

Here are the new circle rates in Chennai 2023 for different localities. 

LocalityGuideline Value (per sq ft)Guideline Value (per sq m)
Navganesh NagarRs. 1,474Rs. 15,875
Sis CapetownRs. 2,100Rs. 22,605
Raj NagarRs. 1,072Rs. 11,545
Jasmin Nagar ExtnRs. 1,475Rs. 15,875
Lakshmi NagarRs. 2,100Rs. 22,605
Thulukanathaman NagarRs. 1,474Rs. 15,875
Brother Teresa StreetRs. 670Rs. 7,220
Anna StreetRs. 804Rs. 8,660
Ambattur (Pulhal) Redhalls RoadRs. 1,474Rs. 15,875
Arul NagarRs. 1,005Rs. 10,825

How to Check the Guideline Value or Collector Rate Chennai 2023

You can easily find the Guideline Value and new Circle Rate Chennai 2023 using the following steps. 

  • Visit the official website of the Registration Department of the Government of Tamil Nadu. (
  • Find the section to acquire the Guideline Value or Ready Reckoner Rate in Chennai for a specific neighbourhood.
  • Select the zone, registrar's office, village, and street name to access the Circular Rate.

Conclusion: Understanding Circle Rates for Informed Property Decisions

As the real estate market in Chennai continues to thrive, being aware of the Guideline Value and new Circle Rates is crucial for prospective buyers and sellers. The Guideline Value helps determine the property's loan eligibility and stamp duty charges during registration. For reliable and accurate information, it is recommended to use the official government portal for all property-related transactions and payments.


Q: What is the significance of Circle Rates or Guideline Values in Chennai?

A: Circle Rates, also known as Guideline Values, play a crucial role in estimating property prices and determining stamp duty during property registration in Chennai.

Q: How can I check the Guideline Value or Circle Rates for land prices in Chennai?

A: You can easily find the Guideline Value and Circle Rates for different areas in Chennai on the official website of the Registration Department of the Government of Tamil Nadu.

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