Bangalore Circle Rate in 2023 | Ready Reckoner Rates in Bangalore

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Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India, is a thriving IT industry. A vibrant nightlife, numerous entertainment venues, popular suburban attractions and an overall luxurious lifestyle make Bangalore one of the most popular cities in the country. These attractive perks pave the way for high property demand. As property transactions in India attract stamp duty and registration charges, the government sets a standard market rate for different areas within a city. This rate, called Circle Rates in Bangalore, is a reference point for property valuations and transactions.

Understanding Bangalore Circle Rates

Circle Rate, also known as Ready Reckoner Rate in Bangalore, represents the minimum property rates established by the state government for specific areas. These rates are also known as Collector Rates. They serve as the baseline for property transactions and indicate the minimum value at which a property can be bought or sold within a particular region. 

Guidance Value in Bangalore

In Bangalore, the Guidance Value is managed by Karnataka's stamp and registration department. These rates are called Circle Rates or Ready-to-Record (RR) Rates. The same rates apply to all categories of property buyers.

Circle Rates Bangalore 2023: Finding the Current Value

The Karnataka government has introduced the 'Kaveri' portal, an official platform of the Department of Registration and Stamps, to provide digital services related to property transactions, Circle Rates, and stamp duty calculations.

To find the new circle rates in Bangalore 2023 or Collector rates Bangalore 2023, follow these steps:

  • Visit the official website of the Department of Registration and Stamps, Karnataka Government, i.e., the KAVERI portal.
  • Click on the option that says 'Know Your Property Valuation.'
  • Choose the 'Basic Search' option and enter the 'District' and 'Area Name'. The system will suggest results based on the entered characters.
  • Select the type of property usage, the total area of your property, and the measurement unit.
  • Click on the "Display Valuation" button to view the property valuation details based on the prevailing Circle Rates in Bangalore.

Conclusion: Property Valuation Made Easy

Circle Rates are crucial in determining property values and ensuring fair property transactions. Before making any real estate investment in the city, prospective buyers must cross-check the prevailing Circle Rates. These rates act as a reliable reference point and provide valuable insights into the market values of properties in different areas of Bangalore. By staying informed about the Circle Rates, buyers can make well-informed decisions and secure their investment in Bangalore's ever-growing real estate market.


Q: What are Circle Rates in Bangalore?

A: Circle Rates, also known as Ready Reckoner Rates, are the standard property rates set by the Karnataka State government for specific areas. They represent the minimum value a property can be bought or sold within a particular region.

Q: How can I find the prevailing Circle Rates in Bangalore?

A: To find the current Circle Rates in Bangalore, visit the official 'Kaveri' portal of the Department of Registration and Stamps, Karnataka Government, and use the 'Know Your Property Valuation' option to search by district and area name.

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