Ahmedabad Circle Rates 2023: New Collector & Circle Rates

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Ahmedabad, a thriving city in Gujarat, is witnessing rapid growth in its real estate market. The government's schemes and support have fueled the development in the region, making property investment in Ahmedabad highly lucrative. However, the property prices in different areas of the city vary due to the different Circle Rates, also known as Jantri Rates. 

The Ahmedabad circle rate or ready reckoner rate in Ahmedabad is referred to as Jantri Rate. The state's revenue department determines it and is subject to periodic revisions.

What is Jantri Rate Ahmedabad?

Jantri Rate Ahmedabad is the minimum land or property rate beyond which a property cannot be registered in government records. These rates also determine the stamp duty and registration charges applicable while buying and registering a property. 

The revenue department of Gujarat revises the Jantri Rates periodically, considering factors such as the structure type, infrastructure around the area, and locality. For instance, the Jantri Rates in the Thaltej area increased from Rs. 5500 and Rs. 7000 to Rs. 21,000 and Rs. 50,000.

Jantri Rates in Ahmedabad Area Wise

The Jantri Rates in Ahmedabad were last revised in 2023 with a 50% hike. One of the main reasons why Ahmedabad is the best place for real estate investment is the city's rapid commercial growth. Many new sectors such as BPOs, KPOs, IT companies, and multinationals are emerging in the city, boosting real estate prices in the commercial sector.

Here are some of Jantri Rates (per sq feet of apartment) or Collector Rates in Ahmedabad 2023 in different areas: 

  • Ambawadi: Rs. 25,000
  • Asarwa: Rs. 17,000
  • Bokadev: Rs. 14,500
  • Bavla: Rs. 12,600

How to Know Jantri Rates in Ahmedabad

To know the Jantri Rates in Ahmedabad, or new circle rates in Ahmedabad 2023, individuals can visit the Gujarat Revenue Department's website or the Garvi Gujarat portal. Here is a step-by-step guide to finding Jantri Rates:

  • Visit the Gujarat Revenue Department website.
  • Select Jantri from the top menu and choose the district from the map.
  • Enter details like district, taluk, survey number, village, and land type to view the rates.
  • Alternatively, on the Garvi Gujarat website, log in and click on Jantri, followed by Jantri Rate. Enter the required details to access the rates for different categories.

Ahmedabad's Jantri Rates: A Tool for Informed Decisions

Jantri Rates are crucial in property transactions in Ahmedabad. Awareness of these rates is essential, affecting stamp duty and registration charges. The Gujarat government's recent hike in Jantri Rates underscores the city's growth and development. To facilitate easy access to Jantri Rates, the revenue department has launched online portals where residents can check the rates for different areas in Ahmedabad.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often does the Gujarat government revise Jantri Rates in Ahmedabad?

A: The Gujarat government can revise Jantri Rates at most twice a year.
Q: How can individuals check Jantri Rates in Ahmedabad?

A: Individuals can check Jantri Rates in Ahmedabad or Circle Rate Ahmedabad 2023 through the Gujarat Revenue Department website or the Garvi Gujarat portal by providing the necessary property details.

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