Choosing The Perfect Exterior Paint Colour: A Guide For Home Buyers
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Choosing The Perfect Exterior Paint Colour: A Guide For Home Buyers

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The Art Of House Exterior Colour Selection

Choosing an exterior paint colour is one of the most exciting and challenging processes in buying a new house. The exterior colour of your property determines its curb appeal and overall attractiveness. Making a well-informed choice is crucial, given the abundance of options accessible. You can use this advice to pick the ideal house painting colour outside for your new home.

A Comprehensive Guide for Home Buyers to Find The Perfect House Exterior Colour

  • Take Into Account The Architecture
    Thinking about your home’s architectural style is the first step in choosing the right house exterior colour. Different types of architecture have specific colour schemes that go well with exterior home painting and their distinguishing elements. Find colour inspiration that complements the architectural design of your house by doing some research on it.
  • Consider The Environment Around You
    Examine your new home’s surroundings in detail, particularly the landscape. Think about the surrounding area, properties close to you, and any other external factors that might affect your chosen exterior paint colour. Your house colour outside should blend in with the surroundings rather than stand out against them. For example, earthy colours like olive or sage for painting the house exterior can merge harmoniously if you reside in a lushly forested environment.
  • Keep The Climate  In Mind
    The climate significantly influences the durability of your home's outside paint. Different climatic conditions and temperature ranges might impact how long the colour will last. Lighter colours are ideal if you reside in an area with intense heat or sunlight because they reflect light and reduce fading. Darker hues can absorb heat in colder climes and increase energy efficiency.
  • Consider Personal Preferences
    In the end, your house should showcase your unique preferences and style. Think about the hues that speak to you while making you feel comfortable and content. Consider your favourite colours, interior design choices, or inspiring natural features for inspiration. Finally, consider a colour you can visualise to be appealing for many years to come, as trends are temporary.

House Colour: Best Colour Combination for House Exterior

1. White and blue

The white and blue combination is among the popular exterior house colours. These exterior home colours are a timeless colour combination that is less likely to go out of style, creating a fresh, classic and enduring look. White has the visual effect of expanding space, while blue evokes a serene or coastal feel. Moreover, blue comes in various shades, allowing for versatility in design.

2. Cream and brown

If you enjoy a traditional aesthetic or live in a posh area, these colours can complement the surroundings. Brown against a predominantly cream backdrop can create a visually appealing contrast and offer flexibility to suit different architectural styles. 

Brown, being an earthy and grounded colour, represents stability and support. When selecting an exterior colour combination for Indian homes, consider options such as chocolate brown, honey brown, or walnut brown. 

3. Yellow and brown

Brown shades with a subtle touch of yellow are perfect for cottage-style homes. Together, they create a natural and earthy palette. Opt for a deep brown shade for the house roof, window frames, door, and front porch area. This choice seamlessly complements the calming yellow. The colours are reminiscent of elements like soil and sunlight, bringing an outdoor feel to exterior home painting. 

4. Olive green and white

You are pairing muted colours like olive green with neutral colours like white works well for both interior and exterior home decor. The earthy tones of olive green blend seamlessly with the crispness of white. Whether your home has a modern, traditional, or eclectic aesthetic, this combination can adapt and enhance the overall look.

5. Red and cream

Red and cream offer a bold yet refined aesthetic. This combination allows you to highlight architectural features and create focal points, especially in industrial and Scandinavian house styles. Cream, being a neutral colour, balances the warm tones of red, which contributes to a well-rounded colour scheme. Lighter creams can balance the intensity of red, while darker reds can create a rich and luxurious feel.

The Final Word

For your new home, you'll need to think about selecting the perfect exterior paint colour. You may make a well-informed choice that improves the overall allure of your property by considering the architectural style, neighbourhood, climate, and personal tastes. Enjoy the process, take inspiration, and seek professional advice as necessary. With the appropriate exterior paint colour, your new residence will surely make an impression on you and your visitors. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I get help choosing the perfect exterior paint colour from a professional?

Ans: Absolutely! Professional painters, colour experts, and interior designers can offer helpful advice and aid in your decision-making.

2. Should I consider trends while picking an exterior paint colour?

Ans: The exterior of your home is a long-term investment, although trends can be transient. While you can get ideas from the latest fashion, it’s best to pick a colour you adore and will remain fashionable over time.

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