May 31, 2023

Choosing an ideal location for your weekend home

by Godrej Properties Limited



The primary home you live in and your weekend home will have very different needs in terms of facilities. When choosing a location for your first home, factors like the distance from your workplace, accessibility to public transportation, schools and universities for your children, and the city centre are the things you should consider.

However, the standards would be different if you are purchasing a property that will eventually be converted into a weekend house. The Godrej Plots in Kurukshetra are planned for a resort-style gated township which would be a perfect choice for an eco-friendly weekend home. Most buyers put a lot of thought into planning their vacations, including setting aside adequate money and figuring out the ideal location for their needs. When thinking about purchasing a weekend home, the location becomes even more critical because your family will spend every other weekend there.

Easy Access to Transportation

As some would like to move around a lot while on vacation, trying out new places to dine, going for natural sightseeing, and enjoying everything the trip has to offer. The location you pick for your holiday property will affect whether you prefer to use local public transportation or car rentals. If you value privacy and isolation more than convenient access to amenities, make your choice accordingly. The ideal location will also be remote enough from your primary property to seem like a vacation while still being accessible.

Security and Safety

Whether you stay at your weekend home often or not, the perfect weekend home should be safe and secure throughout the year. The security of your family will provide you with all the vacation-related peace of mind you need. You will be better able to unwind and enjoy the holiday when you don't have to consider additional security precautions you need to take to ensure everyone is safe.


The comforts of the future are just as significant as those of the present. Local property prices may increase owing to the plans for more civic infrastructure, such as public transport, schools, hospitals, and other facilities.

Property values might also rise as a result of commercial development. Godrej Plots in Kurukshetra also provides the ideal opportunity for those seeking a greater return on their investment strategy.


Whether your ideal vacation is on Hill Stations or adjacent to hiking and nature trails, this will have a significant impact on where you think about locating your weekend home. The housing project by Godrej Plots in Kurukshetra has an area discreetly chosen to create the ideal weekend home.

Rental opportunities

Consider renting out your vacation property when you're not using it if you're looking for a strategy to pay it off sooner than later. This choice offers an opportunity to generate a significant passive income in addition to helping you pay off your debt easily and early.

When you're not using your weekend home, renting it out could generate income for your retirement, other rental investments, and weekend home landscaping.

Do you currently have a vacation home in mind?

We are overjoyed for you if you are searching for a new weekend home. Stay with us if you're prepared to begin exploring your weekend home possibilities. Take a peek at our Godrej Plots in Kurukshetra to choose which of our designs is best for you.

Plot Details in Kurukshetra

Plot SizeOptions
Plot 1  109 SqydsDuplex
109 SqydsFloors
109 SqydsVilla
Plot 2126 SqydsDuplex
126 SqydsFloors
126 SqydsVilla
Plot 3138 SqydsDuplex
138 SqydsFloors
138 SqydsVilla
Plot 4  152 SqydsDuplex
152 SqydsFloors
152 SqydsVilla
Plot 5  179 SqydsDuplex
179 SqydsFloors
179 SqydsVilla
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