Guide to finding your dream home in Pune | Godrej Properties
Mar 27, 2023Pune Real Estate

Guide to finding your dream home in Pune | Godrej Properties

by Godrej Properties Limited



It is a pleasurable city to live in because of its moderate climate. Pune residential projects are in higher demand due to the city's proximity to world-class educational institutions, colleges, shopping centres, hospitals, transportation hubs, and recreation areas in addition to its growth opportunities and pleasant climate.

One can take advantage of the unparalleled living experience that combines the elements of tranquilly, splendour, and solace, thanks to everything being conveniently located.

Checklist for finding your dream home in Pune,

1. Location

The location is one of the most critical parts when shortlisting your dream home. It would be best to evaluate your family's needs for a couple of decades in order to find the location that will work best. Look for reputable colleges and universities in the area, as well as their general accessibility. A supermarket would also end up being necessary. The value of a property is also increased by its proximity to excellent healthcare facilities and other public facilities like parks and subway stations.

2. Credibility of the builder

Even though the brochures may list numerous services and amenities, the finished product will only be delivered if the builder keeps to their word. Therefore, one must conduct as much research as they can by looking at the previous developments and speaking to the current tenants, if it is a pre-occupied property. Godrej Properties, a brand with a rich history, has ready-to-possession flats in Pune known as Godrej Greens, Undri.


You need to be cautious if you're purchasing a home in an area that has recently been developed but doesn't yet have a fully developed community. If you move into such a region, you may spend a significant portion of your day in transit before you see retail stores, restaurants, and other establishments spring up nearby. It is key to gather information about the connectivity and accessibility of your neighbourhood.

4. Supply of water

Water supply includes more than just having water available all the time; it also considers the water's quality and whether it is prone to contamination. When moving into a new house, you can make sure that your family's health is not in danger by asking tenants about these issues or running a water quality test.

5. Parking

When choosing an apartment complex to rent from, you should look for one that provides a secure parking space.

Just keep in mind that extra parking spaces are typically more expensive in exclusive gated communities. Therefore, if you own several vehicles, you should be prepared for this extra cost.

Additionally, find out if the society has visitor parking available. While some of them might be accommodating in this situation, others might prefer to keep visitor cars outside the society grounds. Premium builders that offer 3 BHK flats in Pune ready possession, usually offer visitor parking as well.

6. Drainage

One of the worst things that can happen to any building is waterlogging. If you reside on the ground floor, it can seriously damage your car and your possessions. Additionally, the unpleasant odour can make life intolerable, which can be exacerbated by diseases and pests or mosquitoes. Therefore, check with current tenants and make sure the home's sewage and drainage systems are in excellent shape before making a purchase.

7. Safety and Security

Another important aspect to take into account when evaluating a property is security. Investigate the security forces that the society offers. Find out whether there are adequate resources, a surveillance program or app to monitor visitors, well-trained security guards, up-to-date records, and an intercom facility. While at first glance all of this may seem like an inconvenience, your family's safety and security come first in order to feel at ease. The new 2 BHK flats in pune ready possession, usually offer great security.

Frequently asked questions

1.What is the price range for ready to possession 2 BHK & 3 BHK flats in Pune?

Ans:The price range for flats in Pune highly varies according to the neighbourhood and region.

2.What are the top ready to possession projects in Pune?

Ans:Godrej Greens,Undri project, is among the top ready to possession flats in Pune.

3.Which is the best location to live in Pune?

Ans:Pune has quite a few attractive regions with their distinct advantages. Choose your preferred location based on these factors. 

4.What are the top amenities available in ready to possession apartments in Pune? 

Ans:Basketball courts, swimming pools.

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