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Change of Address Checklist: Notifying Important Parties about Your Love

by Godrej Properties Limited



Changed your address? Complete Guide.

Government and Official Agencies

1 Post Office: Start by visiting your local post office or their website to change your address. 

2 Internal Revenue Service: Notify the IRS of your change of address by submitting Form 8822 or updating your address online. 

3 Social Security Administration: If you receive Social Security benefits, update your address with the Social Security Administration to avoid any disruptions in benefit delivery.

4 Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV): Update your address on your driver's license, vehicle registration, and any other DMV-related documents to maintain accurate records.

5 Voter Registration: Contact your local election office or visit their website to update your voter registration with your new address.

Financial Institutions

1 Banks and Credit Unions: Inform your financial institutions about your change of address to ensure seamless communication and continued access to your accounts. 

2 Insurance Providers: Update your address with your health insurance, auto insurance, homeowner's insurance, or any other insurance providers to ensure your policies remain valid and accurate.

3 Investment and Retirement Accounts: Notify your investment and retirement account providers, such as brokerage firms or pension providers, about your new address to receive important statements and communications.

4 Utility Companies: Contact your utility providers, including electricity, gas, water, and waste management, to inform them of your move and set up services at your new address.

Service Providers

1 Internet, TV, and Phone Providers: Contact your internet, cable TV, and phone service providers to transfer or set up services at your new address. 

2 Home Security Providers: If you have a home security system, inform your provider about your move and provide them with your new address for seamless monitoring and support.

3 Newspaper and Magazine Subscriptions: Update your address with any newspaper or magazine subscriptions you have to ensure uninterrupted delivery.

Miscellaneous Notifications

1 Employer: Inform your employer about your change of address to update their records and ensure accurate payroll and tax information.

2 Schools and Educational Institutions: Notify your children's schools or any educational institutions you attend about your move to update their records and facilitate any necessary transfers.

3 Healthcare Providers: Update your address with your doctors, dentists, and other healthcare providers to ensure you receive important medical correspondence and appointment reminders.

4 Friends and Family: Share your new address with friends and family members to keep them informed and maintain regular communication.


Moving to a new address involves notifying various parties to ensure a smooth transition. By following this comprehensive change of address checklist, you can minimise disruptions and maintain important services during your move.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should I inform my employer even if my work address remains the same? 

Ans: Yes, it's still important to inform your employer about your change of address, even if your work address remains the same

2. Is it necessary to update my address with utility companies if I'm moving to the same city? 

Ans: Yes, it's still important to update your address with utility companies even if you're moving to the same city.

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