Carpet Area: Demystifying Carpet Area in India

by Godrej Properties Limited



When purchasing or renting a property in India, one of the key terms you'll often come across is "carpet area." But what exactly does carpet area mean? Let's unravel this concept's significance in the Indian real estate market.

Understanding the Concept of Carpet Area

In real estate, carpet area refers to the actual usable area within a property. It is the space enclosed within a unit's walls, excluding the walls' thickness. Understanding carpet area is crucial for buyers and tenants, as it determines the actual living or functional space available.

The Distinction Between Carpet Area and Built-Up Area

To gain a comprehensive understanding, it is essential to distinguish between the carpet area and the built-up area. While the carpet area includes the usable space within the walls, the built-up area encompasses additional areas such as walls, balconies, common areas, and utility ducts. Essentially, the built-up area is the total of the carpet area and these additional spaces.

Carpet Area and Super Built-Up Area

In addition to the carpet and built-up areas, another term you may encounter is super built-up areas. A super built-up area, also known as a saleable area or plinth area, includes the carpet area and built-up area and a proportionate share of common areas such as lobbies, staircases, corridors, and amenities. It is typically used for determining the price of a property and calculating maintenance charges.

When considering a property, it's crucial to evaluate the carpet area as it directly impacts the functional space available for your needs. Whether you are purchasing a new home or renting an apartment, carpet area determines the livable space and affects the overall comfort and utility you can derive from the property.

In recent years, there has been a growing demand for larger carpet areas, especially with the rise of work-from-home arrangements and the need for dedicated spaces like home offices. As a result, understanding the carpet area is critical when comparing different properties or deciding on the right floor plan.

The Final Word

Now that you have gained insights into the concept of carpet area, you can make more informed decisions while exploring real estate options in India. Remember, the carpet area represents the actual usable space within a property, excluding the thickness of the walls. Therefore, by focusing on the carpet area, you can ensure that the property you choose meets your requirements for space and functionality.


Frequently asked questions

1. Does the carpet area include the thickness of the walls?

Ans. No, the carpet area does not include the thickness of the walls. Instead, it represents the actual usable space within the unit.

2. How does the carpet area differ from the super built-up area?

Ans. A carpet area is the actual usable area within a property. In contrast, the super built-up area includes the carpet area, built-up area, and a proportionate share of common spaces like lobbies and corridors. A super-built-up area is typically used for pricing and maintenance calculations.

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