Aug 24, 2023

Property Near Airport: Understanding the Pros and Cons

by Godrej Properties Limited



Real estate investment near an airport has become popular for many property buyers. The proximity to an international airport offers various advantages but has its fair share of drawbacks. This article will explore the pros and cons of purchasing a property near the airport to help you make an informed decision.

Buying a Property Near Airport: Pros

Convenient Travel Connections

Living near an airport provides the convenience of easy access for frequent travellers. With shorter commute times to catch flights, residents experience less travel stress, saving valuable time and effort.

Economic Development

Airports serve as vital hubs, boosting local economies. Investing in property near the airport capitalises on rising air traffic driving demand, expanding real estate, and increasing property values, yielding favourable returns.

Opportunities for Rental Income

A plot near the airport appeals to a broad tenant mix: business travellers, airline staff, and tourists seeking convenience. Strong rental demand guarantees steady income and flexibility with higher rates.

Increase in Property Values

Investing near airports can yield long-term profits. Airport expansion stimulates infrastructure growth, boosting the area's appeal, residents' quality of life, and property values over time.

Access to Amenities

Airports are typically surrounded by various amenities catering to travellers and residents alike. Living near an airport provides convenient access to entertainment venues, shopping centres, restaurants, and recreational facilities, making the area more appealing.

Future Appreciation

Houses near the airport offer significant potential for future appreciation. As airports expand and modernise their facilities, the need for real estate in the neighbourhood often increases. However, the land supply near airports is limited, leading to substantial increases in property values in the long run.

Buying Property Near Airport: Cons

Noise Pollution

Living near an airport exposes residents to aeroplane noise from takeoffs and landings, which can be disturbing, especially for those sensitive to noise. This constant noise pollution can impact the quality of life and disrupt sleep patterns.

Safety Issues

Airports have strict security measures for passenger safety. Nearby residents may encounter increased security protocols and noise from drills, unsettling some. 

Overpriced Properties

Properties near airports often have higher prices due to the added value of airport proximity. Developers may also charge higher maintenance fees for such prime locations, affecting affordability.

Conclusion: Is Airport-Adjacent Property a Good Choice for You?

Purchasing a plot near the airport brings perks like accessibility and rental income, but noise, safety, and expenses must be balanced. Prospective buyers must evaluate preferences, lifestyles, and goals, researching expansions and regulations to make an informed decision.


Q: Are properties near airports more expensive or less expensive? 

A: Property values near airports fluctuate depending on location, noise levels, amenities, and area desirability. Noise may lower values, while accessibility and commercial development can raise them.

Q: Do properties near airports have zoning restrictions? 

A: Yes, regulations and zoning restrictions exist for properties near airports. It's advisable to consult with local authorities to understand these restrictions and ensure compliance with relevant guidelines.

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