Aug 24, 2023

Building Approval Plan: A Guide for Property Buyers

by Godrej Properties Limited



Investing in property is a significant financial decision, and it's crucial for buyers to exercise caution while reviewing property documents. One essential document to consider is the Building Approval Plan, which is approved by local development or planning authorities. In this article, we will delve into the concept of building approval plans, their inclusions, factors affecting their approval, and why they are essential for property buyers.

What is a Building Approval Plan? 

A Building Approval Plan is a blueprint approved by local authorities that serves as a legal document for construction projects. Construction without plan approval is considered illegal.

Inclusions in a Building Approval Plan

A Building plan approval in the municipality, also known as a blueprint, contains various components that aid in visualizing the project before construction. The typical inclusions are:

  1. Site Plan
  2. Floor Plan
  3. Structural Plan
  4. Terrace Plan
  5. Elevation Plan

Landscape Drawings

Factors Affecting Building Plan Approval

Several factors influence the approval of a building plan, including floor area ratio, zonal classification, road width, and plot depth. The plan requires various documents like title deeds, property assessment extracts, city survey sketches, foundation certificates, and more.

Importance of Checking the Building Approval Plan

Reviewing the building approval plan offers numerous advantages, including:

  1. Visualization
  2. Cost Estimation
  3. Avoiding Issues
  4. Maintenance and Renovation
  5. Property Selling


Building approval plans play a crucial role in property transactions, ensuring compliance with regulations and providing a clear visual representation of the property. For buyers planning to build or purchase a property, carefully reviewing the building approval plan is essential for making informed decisions and ensuring a successful investment.


Q: What are the documents needed for building approval plans?

A: Title deed, property PID number, tax receipts, foundation certificates, previously sanctioned plans, etc are required for the building approval plan. 

Q: How many steps does building approval plan clearance require?

A: There are 7 steps, including, the building plan, layout plan, intimation plan, land clearance, zonal clearance, services and utility installation, and occupancy certificate. 

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