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Benefits of owning residential plot in Nagpur | Godrej Properties

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Besa is located in Maharashtra's Nagpur district. Due to the presence of several multi-storey buildings, villas, and luxurious bungalows, this region is gradually becoming a sought-after residential area. The average price of a plot for sale in Nagpur is just over INR 2,300 per sq.ft. The demand for the plots in Nagpur is constantly on the rise.

Buying plots in Besa is beneficial for a number of reasons, most of which have got to do with its positive attributes.

Physical infrastructure near the plots in Nagpur, Besa

The Besa, Nagpur neighbourhood is close to National Highway 44. The two closest railway stations are those in Ajni and Khapri. Additionally, this location is 4 km from the nearest Metro station. Dr. BabasahebAmbedkar International Airport is the closest airport, and driving there from Besa takes about 15 minutes. Due to the airport's close proximity, Besa is a high-priced and sought-after residential area.

Social and retail infrastructure

The AdarshSanskarVidhyalaya, South Public School, Central Provincial School, and Narayana E-Techno School are just a few of the numerous educational institutions in Besa, Nagpur. In addition, Besa, Nagpur is home to a number of colleges, including DadasahebBalpande College of Pharmacy, Renuka College, Kabira Convent, and Jr. College. Besa is home to a number of hospitals, including Krunal Hospital & Medicine Point, Ketuji Health Care Private Limited, and Matoshri Multispecialty Hospital. Given that it is a posh area, there are also a lot of restaurants, shopping centres, movie theatres, and multiplexes there. This area is home to many hip bars, cafes, and eateries. Among the shopping centres in Besa are Shanti Heights and Shubham Kirana Store. Besa has several movie theatres, some of which include PVR Cinemas, K Sera SeraMiniplex, etc.

Centres of employment near the residential plots in Nagpur

Because of the nearby IT hubs, Besa has grown to be a significant locality. A few of the high-tech IT hubs that are close to Besa include Infotech Park, Software Technology Park of India, Techfinity Park, etc. As a result, the advanced tertiary sector offers high employment opportunities in this area.

On recognizing these factors that make Besa, Nagpur a place conducive for real estate growth, builders and developers have launched new projects. One of which is the Godrej Orchard Estate, a plotted development from Godrej Properties, Besa Nagpur. Godrej Orchard, Nagpur is an establishment that offers top-tier plots in a great location, starting from INR 48 Lakhs. The Godrej plots, Besa Nagpur are highly versatile and spacious to accommodate your dreams. The property is located amidst acres of fruit orchards, greens and provides over 40+ club class amenities to grant residents a living experience like no other.


Frequently asked questions

1.Plot vs flat what is the better investment option of the two in Nagpur?

Ans:One needs to make that decision considering factors like financial circumstance, tax situation, and personal requirements.

2.Plot vs flat - which is a better option for rental income in Nagpur?

Ans:Plots and apartments are both excellent options for rental income. However, a flat enables you to immediately receive rental income while a plot necessitates that you first construct a building on the property.

3.What offers better design flexibility, a plot or flat, in Nagpur?

Ans:Compared to a flat, a plot offers more design flexibility. A flat has a limited amount of space to work with because the building floor plan and design is already there.

4.Is a plot better than a flat in terms of appreciation in Nagpur? 

Ans:A plot appreciates more in value over time than a flat does. On the contrary, a flat loses value over time. Therefore, choose a plot over a flat if you want a property.

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