May 31, 2023

Benefits of investing in a property amidst the greens on NH44 | Godrej Properties Kurukshetra

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Making a smart investment plan for life can prove to be a life-changing approach. It has the potential to raise the quality of life for not only the current generation but also those that follow. Investing in a place that strikes a balance between the hustle and bustle of a city and the serenity of greens can prove to improve one’s life considerably.

The days of achieving financial independence by relying solely on traditional savings and one source of income are long gone. Portfolios of investments today include a variety of assets, such as cryptocurrencies, gold, stocks, mutual funds, property and much more. Despite the presence of all these possessions, real estate continues to make up the majority of an average Indian's possessions.

Kurukshetra is a city in the northern state of Haryana, known for its cultural heritage and popular as a tourist attraction. With many aspects of growth and development taking place in and around Haryana, it is an option worth considering for investment. If you are closely considering investing in plots near Delhi, Godrej Plots in Kurukshetra are here for you to consider. Even more, if you are someone who appreciates a place that carries cultural heritage, acres of greens, and balanced city life.

Here are several benefits of investing in a property amidst the greens on NH 44, from handsome returns to a secure future.

Appreciation of Value

Due to the scarcity of real estate land, particularly in urban areas, the value of property in Kurukshetra is bound to appreciate. A prudent real estate investment appreciates over time. History shows that the real estate market can recover even in the most uncertain of circumstances. Regardless of the 2008 financial crisis or the last pandemic, prices have risen even further since returning to pre-crisis levels. As a result, unlike stocks, where there is a high risk of loss, real estate gives you good control over your assets. Furthermore, rentals frequently increase year after year, resulting in increased cash flow.

A property that you buy today can be used by your children in the future. You can establish generational wealth by accumulating property holdings. When acquiring property as an investment, consider investing in locations with high growth potential to maximise your returns. Kurukshetra, for example, would be a good long-term investment location because it is connected to the entire town as well as the impending special economic zone.

Tax Benefits

When you invest in property, you can lower your tax liability. There are various tax advantages to investing in real estate. Section 24, allows you to reduce the amount of interest that must be paid by up to 2 lakhs. Section 80C similarly, allows you to save up to INR 1.5 lakh on the principal amount of a home loan. This will considerably reduce your taxable income while also making property investment more affordable.

Rental Opportunities

Property investments can provide a consistent stream of financial flow. You can make consistent passive income through your monthly rental revenue. It provides tremendous financial security to the investor. If you are a person nearing retirement age then revenue from the rentals may ensure that your retirement days are worry-free.

Additionally, when you rent out your home, you have the option to sell it later, when you are in a position to sell it for a profit.

Security and safety

Compared to other assets like stock markets and cryptocurrencies, real estate is a relatively safer investment choice. In uncertain times like pandemics, inflation issues, and recessions, stocks and bitcoin are too volatile investment options. On the other hand, throughout the past few decades, real estate has consistently grown. Sales in the real estate sector have increased as a result of the Real Estate Regulatory Authority's (RERA) establishment, decreased home loan interest rates, and decreased stamp duty in some states. Real estate values are stable and less prone to frequent volatility, unlike stock markets and cryptocurrencies, which are overly fragile. Of course, this comes with the warning that you should only invest in under-construction property with a reputable developer and after performing the necessary due diligence, or in a ready-to-move in home where there is no risk of delays.


Property returns in most Indian cities outperform inflation. As a result, it generates long-term actual earnings for you. Unlike other investment options, the process of investing in real estate is extremely well-structured, with legal procedures such as stamp duty and registration and well-established court precedents. As a result, the risks of fraud or theft are quite low if you invest in a project by a respected builder like Godrej.


Frequently asked questions

1. Why is Kurukshetra so famous?

Ans. Kurukshetra is spoken for its great cultural heritage and as a tourist attraction.

2. Is Kurukshetra a developed city?

Ans. Since 1947, Kurukshetra has developed significantly in terms of infrastructure, development, and the preservation of historic buildings, becoming a well-known spiritual and tourist spot.

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