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Benefits of Investing in Pre-Launch or Under-Construction Properties

by Godrej Properties Limited



In a pre-launch project, the sales process begins early, even if the builder awaits certain approvals. When buyers book and pay the amounts, the builder accumulates funds to kickstart construction as soon as the approvals are secured. This approach allows the builder to avoid heavy reliance on market loans and prevents delays in the actual project launch due to fund unavailability. However, what are the benefits of investing in under-construction projects for a homebuyer or investor? Keep reading to learn why you need to invest in a pre-launch project.

Better Discounts and Rates

Pre-launch rates are generally lower and more beneficial in the long term compared to post-launch rates, often ranging from 10 to 40% less. Developers make pre-launch investments more affordable by offering incentives, special prices, and discounts.  By securing interest-free capital through pre-launch booking, builders can extend these benefits to investors in the form of attractive discounts. It makes it easier for you to invest wisely and think about adding different properties to your real estate portfolio.

More Resale Profit

Investing in a pre-launch project not only provides the advantage of acquiring the property at reduced rates but also opens the door to additional profits. Upon completion of the project, you have the flexibility to sell it at the current market rate, ensuring accumulated profit.

Quick Project Completion

In addition to enjoying discounted rates and profit potential, investing in pre-launch projects offers the advantage of quicker project launches and completion. As units are sold during the pre-launch phase, capital from pre-launch booking amounts accelerates the project's initiation and completion once regulatory approvals are secured.

Choose your Preferred Unit

Being an early investor allows you to choose your preferred unit in the project, considering factors like Vastu and personal preferences. Booking in the pre-launch stage provides more options for selecting the unit that aligns with your needs.

Allows Customisation

Investing in under-construction properties frequently provides the opportunity for investors to personalise their living spaces. By working closely with developers to customise the property according to unique preferences, you can elevate the quality of the apartment and enhance the long-term value of the investment. Whether it's selecting a paint colour or making structural modifications, this customisation option transforms your investment into your dream home.

The Final Word

Investing in pre-launch or under-construction properties offers various benefits, including better discounts, affordability, resale profit potential, quicker project completion, and customisation options. While these advantages make it an appealing choice for homebuyers and investors, decisions should be made considering factors like risk tolerance, the project's potential success, and the builder's reliability.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do developers make pre-launch investments more affordable for buyers?

Ans: The affordability is through incentives, special prices, and discounts, making it easier for buyers to invest wisely.

2. Why are pre-launch rates considered more attractive for investors?

Ans: Pre-launch rates are generally lower, ranging from 10 to 40% less than post-launch rates, making them more appealing for investors seeking better discounts. Plus, during resale, they can sell the property at the current market rate.


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