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Art déco Home Decor: Glamorous and Timeless Style

by Godrej Properties Limited



Unveiling the Beauty of Art déco

Art déco is a design style that originated in the 1920s and 1930s, renowned for its glamorous and timeless appeal. It exudes opulence, sophistication, and a sense of grandeur. Art déco's home decor incorporates luxurious materials, geometric shapes, bold colours, and decorative details that add a touch of elegance to any space.

Embracing Opulence and Sophistication

Art déco is synonymous with luxury and opulence. Incorporate lavish elements like mirrored surfaces, crystal chandeliers, and polished metals. Opt for furniture that features rich upholstery with intricate detailing, such as tufted velvet or satin fabrics. Add glamorous accents like faux fur throws, decorative tassels, and beaded fringe. 

Geometric Shapes and Symmetry

Art déco is characterised by bold geometric shapes and symmetrical patterns. Incorporate these elements into your home decor through furniture, rugs, and artwork. Look for pieces with angular lines, stepped designs, and repetitive patterns. Use wallpaper or stencils to create geometric patterns on walls. 

Rich Materials and Luxurious Textures

To evoke the luxurious ambience of Art déco, focus on using rich materials and textures. Incorporate materials such as marble, lacquer, exotic woods, and high-gloss finishes. Incorporate luxurious textures like velvet, silk, shaggy rugs, and faux fur. Integrate elements like mirrored surfaces, glass accents, and shiny metals to add a reflective and glamorous touch to your decor.  

Bold Colors and Contrasting Accents

Art déco embraces bold and contrasting colours to create a dramatic impact. Opt for a colour palette that includes deep jewel tones like emerald green, sapphire blue, and ruby red. Contrast these rich hues with lighter shades like cream, ivory, or metallic gold. Use colour-blocking techniques to create visual interest on walls or furniture. Introduce pops of colour through accessories like vibrant throw pillows, decorative vases, or artwork.  

Showcasing Art déco Accessories

Accessories play a crucial role in art déco decor. Look for statement pieces that showcase the glamour and sophistication of the era. Incorporate sleek and angular table lamps, ornate mirrors with geometric frames, and decorative objects like sculptural figurines or art déco-inspired vases. Display artwork that features stylised figures, bold abstract patterns, or architectural motifs. 


Art déco home decor offers a glamorous and timeless style that adds a touch of opulence and sophistication to any space. Embrace opulence and luxury through the use of lavish materials and intricate detailing. Incorporate bold geometric shapes and symmetrical patterns to create a visually striking environment. Use rich colours and contrasting accents to infuse vibrancy and drama into your decor. Enhance the overall aesthetic with Art déco-inspired accessories that showcase the elegance and nostalgia of the era. You can create a glamorous and timeless space that exudes charm.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Can I incorporate an art déco style in a modern home? 

Ans: Art déco elements can be seamlessly integrated into modern homes. 

2.Can I mix art déco with other design styles? 

Ans: Art déco can be mixed with other design styles to create a unique and personalised look. 

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