AMC Property Tax: A Complete Guide for Property Tax in Ahmedabad

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Ahmedabad is a vibrant city brimming with promising opportunities, deeply rooted in a rich cultural heritage, and a future full of possibilities. Investing in property in Ahmedabad is undeniably a fantastic idea. With renowned townships and commercial hubs leading the way, there has never been a more opportune moment to invest here. Property tax in Ahmedabad is a significant aspect of homeownership that plays a vital role in contributing to the city's development.

Property Tax in Ahmedabad: What You Need to Know

The AMC levies Ahmedabad municipal corporation property tax to generate revenue for the city's development. The tax percentage depends on the property's annual value, determined by its size, location, and usage.

Calculating Property Tax

It involves assessing the property's annual value and applying the relevant tax rate to arrive at the final amount. The AMC considers property type, location, built-up area, and usage in determining the annual value. Property owners can calculate specific tax rates and access the property tax calculator on AMC's official website or visit the local tax office.

AMC Property Tax Calculator

The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) calculates property tax based on a property's capital value. This method has been in effect since 2001. 

To manually calculate AMC property tax, follow this formula:

AMC Property tax = Rate x Area x (f1 x f2 x f3 x f4 x fn)


f1 = Weightage for the property's location 

f2 = Weightage for the property's type 

f3 = Weightage for the property's age 

f4 = Weightage for residential buildings 

fn = Weightage for the property's usage

The specific values assigned to these weights are available on AMC's website.

Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation Property Tax Bill Decoded

The AMC issues property tax bills to property owners, providing a detailed breakdown of the tax amount and payment due date. The Ahmedabad municipal corporation property tax bill offers a detailed breakdown of the tax amount and the due date for payment. One can easily search "Ahmedabad municipal corporation property tax bill download online" for easy operation. 

AMC Property Tax Rates

  • Non-residential property: Rs 28
  • Residential property: Rs 16

Conclusive Analysis of Ahmedabad Property Tax

The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation is supportive of property owners throughout the taxation process. Paying property tax in Ahmedabad ensures that the city's essential services continue running smoothly. By paying on time, residents play a role in the city's growth and development. Thanks to the city's rapid industrialization, the Northwest region is developing as a new settlement centre that promises quality of life, connectivity and employment opportunities. The future of new residential projects and commercial real estate in Ahmedabad is lucrative and promising thanks to timely tax payments.


Q: How is property tax calculated in Ahmedabad? 

A:  Property tax in Ahmedabad is calculated based on property value, size, location, and usage. The AMC applies the relevant tax rate to determine the final tax amount.

Q: Can I download my property tax bill online? 

A: You can download your property tax bill online through AMC's official website. Log in, enter your property details, and access your tax bill conveniently.

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