Aug 25, 2023

Memorandum of Transfer: All You Need to Know

by Godrej Properties Limited



The Memorandum of Transfer (MOT) or Deed of Assignment (DOA), one of these legal documents and the formal checkpoints on your property purchasing journey, is crucial. It is a legal document that formalises the transfer of property ownership from the seller to the buyer. This document outlines vital details like parties involved, property description, and terms and conditions of the transfer. It is essential as it provides clarity, ensures legal compliance, and prevents disputes.

What is an MOT or Memorandum of Transfer?

A Memorandum of Transfer is the written request to the Registrar to transfer any legal estate, interest, or right in land held according to a certificate of title that is signed and executed by the registered proprietor. The entire process of transferring ownership from the seller or developer to the buyer gets outlined in this document. In the simplest terms, the house is legally yours after this is signed!

How Can One Get a Memorandum of Transfer?

The process of obtaining a Memorandum of Transfer involves several steps. Let's examine each of them individually:

Prepare the Deed of Sale

The first step is to prepare a comprehensive Deed of Sale outlining the property transaction's terms and conditions. This document is essential for the transfer process and gets typically prepared by the seller's solicitor or conveyancer.

Execution of Deed of Sale

Once the Deed of Sale gets drafted, both parties must review and sign it. The signatures signify the agreement to the terms laid out in the deed.

Apply for Consent

Certain limits on the property may occasionally exist and call for the approval of the necessary parties or authorities. Obtaining this consent is vital before proceeding with the transfer.

Payment of Stamp Duty

The state charges a stamp fee when registering a property in public records. The necessary stamp duty must be paid before proceeding with the transfer.

Lodgment of MOT

After fulfilling all the requirements, the fully executed Memorandum of Transfer is lodged at the relevant government land office for registration. This registration process officially records the change of ownership.

Conclusion: Memorandum of Transfer Decoded

The Memorandum of Transfer (MoT) is pivotal in India's property transactions. This legal document formalises the transfer of ownership from the seller to the buyer, documenting crucial details such as property particulars and transfer conditions. Its significance lies in its ability to provide clear evidence of ownership alteration, facilitating seamless property registration. Also, this assures both parties of protection and security and helps avoid potential conflicts. 



Q: What is a Memorandum of Transfer Calculator?

A: Memorandum of Transfer Calculator is a useful online tool that helps buyers and sellers estimate the stamp duty payable on a property transaction, enabling parties to plan their finances accordingly.

Q: How is the Memorandum of Transfer fee calculated?

A: The Memorandum of Transfer fee, commonly known as the stamp duty, is calculated based on the property's market value or the consideration amount mentioned in the Deed of Sale, whichever is higher.

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