Aug 11, 2023

Seamless Transition: Explore Ready-to-Move-in Houses Today

by Godrej Properties Limited



Buying a new home is a tough and vital decision involving emotional and financial considerations. Among the available options, ready-to-move-in houses offer enticing benefits to homebuyers. When you are choosing a ready-to-move home, you can live immediately in the home because everything is installed, such as bathroom furniture, woodwork, kitchen furniture, etc.

Advantages Of Ready-To-Move-In Property

Immediate Possession And Convenience

Ready-to-move-in properties provide the convenience of immediate possession. You can move into your new home once you make the purchase. On the other hand, under-construction properties often entail waiting for 3-5 years before receiving possession, making ready-to-move homes a favorable option for those seeking immediate accommodation.

Under-construction projects often face delays due to various reasons, which can cause uncertainty and inconvenience for buyers. In contrast, ready-to-move-in houses offer a sense of security as you can physically inspect and assess the property before making the purchase.

1.Instant Relief From Paying Rent

Moving into your new home eliminates the need to pay rent, as you now have your own property. With under-construction properties, buyers often face the burden of paying rent and EMIs simultaneously for several years until possession is granted.

Assurance Of What You Get

Ready-to-move-in homes allow buyers to see the actual property before making the purchase. It eliminates the risk of discrepancies between what is promised on paper and what is delivered. On the contrary, under-construction properties are sold based on plans and promises, which may not always match the final outcome.

Immediate Tax Benefits

Homebuyers can immediately claim tax exemptions on both principal and interest repayments for ready-to-move-in properties. For under-construction properties, tax benefits can only be claimed once possession is granted, which might take several years.

Infrastructural Assessment

Buying a ready-to-move-in property allows you to assess the surrounding ,infrastructure and facilities before finalizing the purchase. It is advantageous as you can make a well-informed decision based on the existing amenities.

Unlike under-construction properties where costs might increase over time, ready-to-move-in houses do not have such risks. Once you pay the agreed amount, you won't be subject to further increases in property costs.


Ready-to-move-in properties do not attract Goods and Services Tax (GST), which is applicable to under-construction properties. 

Conclusion: Why You Need To Consider Ready-To-Move-In Houses

While both ready-to-move-in and under-construction properties have their merits and demerits, the advantages of buying a move-in-ready home are evident. The immediate possession, low-risk involvement, and freedom from rent payments make it an appealing choice for many homebuyers.  


Q: What are the tax benefits of buying a ready-to-move-in home?

A: Homebuyers can immediately avail tax exemptions on principal and interest repayments when purchasing a ready-to-move-in property. In contrast, under-construction properties allow for tax benefits only after possession is granted.

Q: Are there any financial advantages to buying a ready-to-move-in property?

A: Yes, buying a ready-to-move-in home can be financially advantageous. You start paying EMIs right after the purchase, avoiding the need for significant down payments. Additionally, no GST charges are applicable to ready-to-move-in properties, saving on overall costs.

No Increased Costs

Low-Risk Involvement

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