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A day out in the markets of Noida

by Godrej Properties Limited



While looking for your perfect home, it is necessary to see whether the necessary facilities are nearby. Facilities such as schools, hospitals, entertainment centres, offices, etc have to be located within reasonable distance. One more important facility is that of markets and shopping centres. Nobody likes to travel for an hour back and forth to get the weekly groceries.

In recent years, Noida has established itself to be one of the more important shopping districts. Residents of Delhi and Ghaziabad have always flocked to the shopping streets of Noida to buy garments and apparels. Noida is both a manufacturing hub and a marketplace. Chic and sophisticated clothing is popular among the young adults who traverse through town looking for unique and stylish clothing. The public from other nearby towns has transformed Noida into a cloth shopping paradise, and the presence of clothing stores and hordes of wholesalers have transformed the local retail landscape.

Atta Market

To someone looking for bargains and the best deals, Atta Market is the ultimate mecca of sorts, selling musical instruments and clothes, household appliances and utensils, as well as aesthetic items such as fashion clothing, leather bags, and footwear at reasonable prices, as well as replica jewellery. Aside from aesthetics and cosmetics, there are showrooms for bags and trolleys.

Brahmaputra Market

You can't talk about the great markets of Noida without mentioning this one. Brahmaputra Market, also known as BP by locals, is located in Sector 29 and is a meat lover's dream. It comes alive after dusk, when local vendors line the narrow lanes with small establishments selling books, apparels and other goods, giving it the feel of Old Delhi's Chandni Chowk. Kathi rolls, momos, chaats, and biryani are all available in popular demand.

Lal Market

If you enjoy tea, you will find a tea shop in this area that serves a variety of teas to your liking. Darjeeling tea, surely shouldn't be overlooked. Lal market has everything you need, from healthcare facilities to supermarkets, whether you need food or clothing. It is also one of Noida's best furniture markets.

Indira Market

Indira Market in Sector 27 is home to the best kitchenware and boutiques. It is well-known among locals for its local shops and stand-alone junk jewellery shops. It has a number of stalls selling fresh fruits and vegetables. It is a complete one-stop-shop for all household needs, which keeps it busy and crowded despite its small size.

Savitri Market

Noida's Savitri Market is comparable to the well-known Gaffar Market. It sells a variety of branded mobile phones as well as new laptops and computers, along with various accessories. There are different shops for laptop repair, and the prices are reasonable. It's difficult to overlook the best eateries in this arena, and the stalls selling street food are simply amazing. This marketplace is well linked to Sector 18's main market as an important shopping centre and has some of Noida's best supermarkets.

Navdurga Market

Navdurga market is not only a tourist attraction, but it also allows you to take some time for yourself. This market is well-known for its delicious street food, casual clothing, and household items. Books, food items, nightwear, accessories, everyday clothes, homemade snacks, and even electronic gadgets are available at reasonable prices.

Malls and Retail Outlets

Along with these traditional, established markets, new markets have been emerging in Noida. The Gardens Galleria Mall in Sector 38 is a top-notch mall with multiple brands from around the world. Other notable markets are the Sector 50’s Central Market, Starling Edge Mall in Sector 104, and the numerous supermarkets in Sector 135. The Central Market in Sector 50 is a one stop shop for all of your household, entertainment, shopping needs. Also, there are over 40 restaurants in addition to street food stalls. 

Chauhan Market

Noida's Chauhan market is an ideal location for spending quality time with loved ones. You can enjoy all of the popular tourist attractions together and create multiple lasting memories. So, be sure to check out the popular tourist destination for all of the attractions it has to offer and come here on the weekend for a relaxing time. This location is a popular tourist destination due to its excellent standards, inventive architecture, remarkable layouts, and well-thought-out design.

There are also quite a few residential complexes in Noida that ensure easy access to these famous markets. In Noida's Sector 146, Godrej Properties has agreed to a land deal. The area is well connected to the areas where developments are already well established, and it has excellent access to the Sector 146 Metro station.

As you can see, there is no shortage of exquisite markets with varying qualities in Noida. However unusual or strange your shopping demands may be, the marketplaces of Noida have got you covered. The markets aren’t just places for shopping but also act as the pulse of the bustling city.

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