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5 Reasons Why Buying A Plot Can Be A Wonderful Idea

by Godrej Properties Limited



Homes are no longer just a place to stay or an ‘asset’ to own. They are an expression of who we are, a portrayal of our lifestyle, a semblance of stability. And when no two people are the same, how can ‘the place they live in’ be identical?

As more people embrace their individuality, they are changing the way they live.  Today as apartment living thrives with state-of-the-amenities, bespoke residences are fuelling people’s imaginations. But one more living avenue is taking the spotlight – large open plots, allowing you to build homes the way you love them, in communities which offer finest amenities, in strategic locations. With mega infrastructure giants planning to build lifestyle facilities around lucrative acres of plots, plot living is getting more interesting with each passing day. If you are someone looking to invest in a roof above your head, here’s why plot living may be for you:

#1 For the love of customisation

A house should not only fulfil your requirements, but it must also reflect your personality and match your lifestyle. Investing in a plot is like buying a blank canvas and giving wings to visions. Design your home from the scratch, tailor it as you deem fit and make provisions for any changes in the future.

#2 To embrace flexibility

Plot living lets you make your house, at your pace, as and when your pocket allows. What’s more, this arrangement gives you the greater flexibility to make material, architectural and design choices that give you satisfaction and not strain. After all, a house lasts you a lifetime. And the decisions that you take for it should too.

#3 Because you don’t deserve deal breakers

When you invest in an unfinished house, you are at the mercy of construction delays. Final handovers may take forever, and you may lose out on many precious years in the bargain. Plots are a time saver and you can start and finish building at your pace. What you see, is what you get.

#4 You buy an asset that may appreciate

If you purchase a flat in a great location with wonderful amenities that are only going to increased, you may be making a great investment decision, Plots can have a greater resale value as they may appreciate better than apartments.They also have much more to offer, given their lower investment and higher returns, within a shorter period.

#5 Be one with nature

Very often, plot living offers you a life surrounded by the goodness of lush, green nature. This option helps you lead a quality life, away from the typical mid-city sound and noise pollution. With a house on a plot, you can stay close enough to the bustle and far away from a crowd.

There was a time when plots were sold by smaller realty companies. Advocating the trend of plot buying, we are now creating indigenous amenities around acres of cut-out plots. Godrej Woodland, our latest project has state-of-the-art lifestyle services, recreational facilities, themed gardens, planned infrastructure, project and plot services to plot owners and more. Helping the concept gain the popularity it deserves, we are redefining the concept of your dream house in a plot.

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