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5 Attractive Features of Manor as a Second-Home Destination

by Godrej Properties Limited



Rolling expanses of greenery. Sun-kissed beaches. Long green nature trails. Historic sites and religious places. When you imagine your second home do you envision a location that has all of these attractions or a combination of them? If yes, then Manor, which is an hour and half from Mumbai, is the place for you and your family. Manor, located in Palghar district on the NH48, is a dream destination that has everything you would want in a relaxing second home hotspot. Its popularity is growing among those who love nature, a quick getaway and prefer privacy to touristy hotspots. Let's look at the top five attractions of Manor that make it a dream destination for vacation home owners.

Advantageous Location with Unmatched Accessibility

Compared to a number of other second-home destinations, Manor is located in the well-developed western suburban belt of Mumbai which stretches right up to Palghar in the north. Manor, in fact, is part of Palghar district and hence benefits greatly in terms of civic and social amenities. Thus, Manor is a fairly urban second-home or vacation home destination. It offers distance and escape from the hustle and bustle of city life while also being relatively close to the city. This proximity to the city makes Manor an attractive retreat which is easy and quick to reach. Thus, if you are feeling burned out, tired and in need of quick rejuvenation over the weekend, it is fairly convenient to reach your weekend home in Manor.

Since Manor’s popularity is still rising, it offers greater privacy, space and solitude. Its greenery is more expansive and largely unspoiled by human contact. The air is cleaner, fresher and more rejuvenating. Manor also provides a variety of attractions. Since it is located close to the hills of Maharashtra, it has more hills and a slight elevation and thus a lot of greenery. But Manor is also near the western coast and thus close to sea, sand and sun. Thus, Manor offers a variety of natural elements for everyone.

Manor’s advantageous location on the Mumbai-Surat-Ahmedabad Highway or NH48 makes it a convenient getaway retreat. As it traverses away from Mumbai and closer to Manor, the NH48 passes kilometres of scenic greenery along the way. This includes the Tungareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary and the verdant hilly expanses of Palghar district. At many points you are literally driving through beautiful tunnels made of tree branches. Similarly, the Manor-Wada Road provides a green route if one is coming from Nashik or Igatpuri. The reliable Mumbai trains run all the way to Dahanu and are an adventurous option for those looking for a fun travel option to reach Manor.

Green Oasis

Manor is a natural verdant oasis. It is surrounded by greenery in every form. Large parts of Manor have vast agricultural land which contribute to pastoral scenes of endless farms and peaceful grazing animals. Imagine driving through serene country roads which have farms on either side. Experience farm to table dining and organic meals in this lush sanctuary.

Manor is also surrounded by the rolling hills of Palghar district. These hills are home to an amazing ecosystem of indigenous plant and animal life. Just envision going for walks or treks through these wooded hills with young kids and instilling in them a love for nature. Manor’s thriving viridescence is particularly rich during the monsoon but can be experienced throughout the year.

Manor - A Tourist Destination

Manor has a lot to offer those who seek adventure and love being outdoors. From hills and beaches, to temples and waterfalls, there is something for everyone within driving distance. For history buffs there is the Kohoj Fort in Wada. This military fort is located near Palghar and can be accessed via the Palghar-Wada Road. An adventurous trek by itself, scaling the fortification is a wonderful exercise and at the top one is rewarded with breathtaking views. The base of the fort is home to a lake which reflects the stately medieval fort. For those who love visiting temples, there are a number of options which include the Vajreshwari Devi Temple in Wada and the Mahalaxmi Temple in Dahanu.

Jawhar Sunset Point is located on Suryamal, the highest peak in the region. Nature lovers will revel in the delightful flora and fauna of this small but picturesque hill. The wildlife sanctuary of Tungareshwar is another popular outdoor attraction located close to Manor. It is home to amazing wildlife, birds and flora, and offers the most stunning nature walk. Within the sanctuary one can visit the Tungareshwar Temple, Chinchoti Waterfall and Kamandurg Fort.

Waterfalls are another popular natural attraction among nature revellers. Manor is also surrounded by hills which means many waterfalls such as the Palus Waterfall in Vikramgad, and three waterfalls in Jawhar - Dabhosa, Hiradpada and Kalmandavi. The Vaitarna Dam, situated on the Vaitarna River offers serene aquatic views and is a wonderful break from city life.

Finally there are a number of beaches to visit for those who love the sun and sand. Driving from Manor towards the west gives one access to kilometres of sea and sand. Some of the popular beaches are Satpati Beach which is directly west of Manor, while Mahim and Kelwa Beach are to the south and Dahanu-Bordi Beach is to the north.

Upcoming Developments

As we saw earlier, Manor is easy and convenient to reach from south and western Mumbai as well as central Mumbai. However, upcoming developments are set to make it much better. The planned Mumbai-Delhi Expressway will meet the NH48 or Mumbai-Surat-Ahmedabad Highway at Manor. The Mumbai-Vadodara Expressway will provide an additional route to reach Manor from the north while also cutting travel time from Vadodara.

The most game changing infrastructure development is expected to be the Mumbai-Ahmedabad Bullet Train which will allow vacationers from Mumbai to reach Manor within an hour. The nearest bullet train station is planned at Boisar which is a few kilometres from Manor, and hence enhances connectivity in a massive way. Complementing this development is the Mumbai-Kandivali Coastal Road which will provide a scenic route to Manor via the Arabian Sea.

Finally, we have the planned development of the Vadhvan Port near Dahanu which is a strategic infrastructure aimed at enhancing commercial and trade opportunities in this port town as well as its nearby towns and villages which include Manor. All these developments combined, as and when they are completed and operational, will exponentially improve accessibility to Manor while also boosting property values in and around the region.

Rising Property Market

As all property markets do, Manor is also growing rapidly with its increasing popularity. Its unmatched location and accessibility have made it a hotspot that is easy and quick to get to. Families love Manor for its privacy and acres of untouched greenery which is a great boon for their children who lack the space in their city homes. As more people invest in Manor and snap up increasingly scarce land in Manor, the place’s value increases exponentially. The upcoming infrastructure developments are set to boost this value even further as the destination becomes more attractive.

In Conclusion…

Manor is a retreat for the young and old, introverts and extroverts, adventurous or peaceful, essentially everyone. It is easy to reach for a quick getaway or even for a long break. It is perfectly located - away from the big city and yet close enough to not feel isolated. Godrej Manor is the ideal second home market for those looking to invest in property with a view to watching it grow in value over time. The time to build your second home in Godrej Properties is now.

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