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5 Amazing Reasons to Build Your Second Home in Manor

by Godrej Properties Limited



Manor is a growing destination among those looking to buy a second home or a vacation home. Located in Palghar district on the Mumbai-Surat-Ahmedabad Highway or NH-48, Manor is surrounded by an abundance of greenery. It is one of the newest holiday or getaway destinations located close to Mumbai, just beyond the western suburbs. Its growing popularity as a second home destination is due to these main reasons:

More Greenery
Manor is a newly popular destination for a vacation or second home. As a result of the lower population it has greater density of greenery than most other places. The wooded hills and orchards and farmlands are more expansive, greener and relatively unspoiled by human contact. The air is cleaner, fresher and more oxygenated. Thus, the experience of spending a week or even a weekend at your second home in Manor is a much more relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

Excellent Proximity to Mumbai
Manor is close to the cities of Pune and Mumbai. It is just an hour and a half from Mumbai. Thus, driving down for a quick weekend trip is a less tiring experience. The roads are well-travelled and thus better maintained. Moreover, the ease and convenience of getting to Manor quickly allows you to travel there as frequently as you need to while overseeing the building of your dream second home. This proximity is also advantageous in easily sourcing particular materials and furniture which might be available only in urban centres like Mumbai.

Growing Market
Manor sits at an advantageous geographical inflection point. The Mumbai-Surat-Ahmedabad Highway or NH48 passes right by Manor which makes it easily accessible from various locations. Upcoming infrastructure developments will enhance this connectivity manifold and boost Manor’s growth exponentially. This includes the Mumbai-Delhi Expressway which is expected to join the NH48. Other important developments include the Mumbai-Vadodara Expressway, the Mumbai-Kandivali Coastal Road, the Mumbai-Ahmedabad Bullet Train which will have a station at Boisar as well as the Vadhvan Port near Dahanu.

High Investment Value
As Manor’s popularity grows among those seeking to build a second home amidst its serene and clean surroundings, the value of land in Manor is also growing. This provides you with a first or early mover advantage. Being among the early investors in Manor’s property market gives you a front seat view to your property value growing immensely as the destination’s popularity grows rapidly. As we all know, land is a limited resource and like most other second home destinations Manor’s land is also appreciating in value as it becomes more scarce.

So what are you waiting for? Invest in a growing market and watch your holiday home grow in value. Build your dream vacation home in a destination where the air is purer and there’s greenery everywhere you look. Come, relax in your second home in Manor.

More Privacy and Space
One of the best advantages of owning a second home in Manor is the abundant privacy and solitude. Apart from the locals who keep to themselves, there are fewer private homes in Manor like Godrej Manor. Thus, going for a leisurely stroll down the country roads without bumping into too many vacationers is a rare experience.

Manor also offers an abundance of space - the foremost reason a lot of people choose to own a second home. Spacious plots in weekend home destinations like Manor are so attractive for the freedom they give you to design and build your home according to your specific needs. There is more space to play with your pets or kids, celebrate with friends and even grow your own vegetables. Spread your wings and let your ambitions soar in Manor.

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