What are the Vastu tips to maintain positive energy in the home?

The right home Vastu is as good as magic!

We all need a home where there is happiness, abundance, and prosperity. And all of these come from choosing the right wall colours, shape and structure of the flat/apartment, placement of elements, etc. In short, having the right Vastu at home. 1000 years old ancient science of architecture and design, VastuShashtra is quite popular amongst home owners these days.

Within the concept of VastuShashtra, it is mentioned that every element of your home promotes a flow of positive energy within the space. From as minuscule as the positioning of the window to the overall layout of your flat/apartment, every detail influences Vastu. It is essential that you add or remove every element in your home based on Vastu Shastra.

If you are new to this concept of design, here are a few vastu tips for a happyhome:

  • It is essential that the wall next to the entrance is never left blank. You can either place a family portrait or a statue of Lord Ganesha. A blank wall promotes negative energy.
  • It is extremely important that you choose the right direction for your Puja Ghar. North-east is considered the right direction to place the Puja Ghar because you must face the northeast direction while praying. Avoid placing the Puja Ghar under a staircase, in the bedroom, or against the wall of a bathroom.
  • Place a water fountain in your home. As per vastushastra for home, a steady flow of water promotes a steady flow of money in your home.
  • If your bedrooms face south direction, it will help in removing conflicts within the family. Also, do not place a mirror at the foot of the bed as you must not see your face right after waking up. Instead, you may place a mirror on either side of the bed.
  • Never eat on your bed. According to home vastu, eating on the bed or in the bedroom causes health problems.
  • Just like the Puja Ghar, have your study room in the northeast direction for better concentration. If not northeast, north, west, and east may also work.
  • The furniture in your living room should be placed in the west or southwest direction.
  • If possible, make use of aromatic candles, essential oils, and other sources of fragrances, along with mood lighting for a positive ambience during the evening time.
  • If you are fond of succulents, then you can place plants such as Jade, Lucky Bamboo, Areca Palm, and Peace Lilly. However, avoid a cactus as it emits negative energy throughout the place.

The right application of Vastu Shastra in your home can add harmony to your relationships, and bestow you with prosperity and joy. If you are looking for homes with a proper vastu plan in place,flats by Godrej Properties can be your perfect choice. All residential spaces by Godrej are based on the vastushastra, enabling a prosperous life for a lifetime.

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