Tax Benefit on Stamp Duty and Registration Charges: Maximising Savings via Stamp Duty Tax Exemptions

Investing in real estate is a significant decision, with expenses like stamp duty and registration charges. However, it’s legally possible to be eligible for certain tax benefits on these expenses. This article will explore the tax benefits available on stamp duty and registration charges for an under-construction property. Understanding these benefits can help maximise savings […]

Chandigarh Circle Rate in 2023 | Ready Reckoner Rates in Chandigarh

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Essential Documents for Noida Home Buying: Your Checklist

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Sonipat Property Tax: Instant Online Payment

Every Haryana resident who owns land or property, whether residential or commercial,  is required to pay property tax annually. The process of paying property taxes might seem daunting to some. Individuals who fail to pay their Haryana property tax on time must pay 1.5% monthly interest. This step-by-step guide talks about how to pay property […]

Prime Residential Zones in Tamil Nadu: Unveiling Excellence

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List of Smart Cities in Karnataka: Real Estate Scope for Future

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