Capital Gains Tax on Property: Tax Calculation Steps & Formula

The profit earned from selling a property in India is called a capital gain, which attracts capital gains tax. Short-term capital gains tax is levied for property sold within two years from purchase. Similarly, long-term capital gains tax is levied for property sales anytime after two years. Below we discuss how to calculate capital gain […]

Indian Accounting Standards for Real Estate

Common standards of financial reporting and accounting ensure transparency in financial practices in line with global best practices. The Indian Accounting Standards provide this harmonization of accounting practices for companies in India. Let’s look at the benefits and challenges of Indian Accounting Standards for real estate companies. What are Indian Accounting Standards? The Indian Accounting […]

A Khata vs B Khata: Understanding the Difference – Godrej Properties

What is Khata? In the context of property transactions in Bengaluru, “Khata” refers to a crucial legal document. While it translates to “account” in English, a Khata, specifically in Bengaluru, is a document that officially recognises a particular property. Introduced in 2007 with the formation of the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagar Palike (BBMP), it aimed to […]

Indian Top Cities in 2023 for NRI Real Estate Investments

A relinquishment deed is a legal mechanism for transferring or surrendering property ownership rights from one party to another. In India, when legal heirs jointly inherit property, one of the co-heirs can surrender his right to the property by executing a relinquishment deed under the Transfer of Property Act.Despite its legality, there can be some […]

What is Inherited Property and Relinquishment Deeds?

A relinquishment deed helps legally transfer rights and shares in immovable property such as inherited land and homes, from one of the co-inheritors to the others. The relinquishment deed or release deed is most useful, particularly in the case of property inherited due to someone’s passing away without a will. In the article below, we […]

Revoking Relinquishment Deeds

What is a Relinquishment Deed? A relinquishment deed is a legal document for transferring property rights from one individual to another. The process of relinquishing one’s rights to jointly inherited property begins by signing an affidavit for relinquishment of property rights. Then, a relinquishment deed for joint property in a standard format is executed. Below, […]

Patna Marine Drive: Game Changer for Real Estate

What is Patna Marine Drive? Patna Marine Drive, known as Loknayak Ganga Path, is a visionary infrastructure project spearheaded by Bihar’s Chief Minister, Nitish Kumar. This iconic corridor runs along the majestic River Ganges, drawing parallels with London’s Thames Path and Mumbai’s Marine Drive. The project envisions a 20.5 km-long expressway elevated on a 13-meter-high […]

Land Measurement Units: Common Units Used in India

Land measurements are crucial in real estate transactions. Hence, it’s important to know the standard measuring units used in India. Common units include acres, hectares, square yards, square meters, etc. Common Land Measurement Table: Unit of Area Conversion Unit 1 Square Feet (sq ft) 144 square inches 1 Square Centimeter (sq cm) Approximately 0.00107639 sq […]