Investing in Flat: Pros and Cons

Investing in flats is considered one of the most stable forms of investment. Flats offer tangible assets that provide a roof overhead and have the potential to appreciate in value over time. However, navigating the real estate terrain involves considerations on multiple facets, from substantial upfront costs and ongoing maintenance expenditures to the intricacies of […]

Partnership Deed|Content, Features and Benefits

What is a Partnership Deed?  A partnership deed, meaning a legal document, outlines the rights, responsibilities, and terms of collaboration among partners in a business. It serves as a formal partnership agreement and establishes the rights, responsibilities, and obligations of each partner involved in the real estate business. Features of Partnership Deed In the context […]

RBI Guidelines for Home Loans: Key Information and Requirements

RBI Guidelines for Home Loans

RBI Guidelines for Home Loans 2023 RBI’s Home Loan Guidelines are a set of regulatory directives issued by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to govern and standardise the lending practices of financial institutions, including banks and housing finance companies, in the domain of home loans. These guidelines encompass various aspects of home loans, such […]

Laws and Regulations for NRI Buying Property in India

Laws For NRI Buying Property in India Understanding the legal system, as well as the rules and legislation that apply to non-resident Indians (NRIs), is essential when it comes to such significant transactions. This guarantees compliance and supports NRIs in navigating the complexities of home country property buying while residing abroad. Legal Environment In India […]

What Is the Market Value Of Land Or Guidance Value?

Unraveling The Value Assessment In Real Estate Understanding lands’ guidance or market value is essential for evaluating real estate transactions and property. The market value of the property is the price it would bring to an open and competitive market. In contrast, the guiding value is the minimum value determined by the government for the […]

Explore Stamp Duty And Registration Charges In Gujarat

Every state has different rules for stamp duty and registration charges. Understanding the relevant registration and stamp duty fees is essential for real estate transactions in Gujarat. The state government levies these fees, which significantly impacts the financial and legal elements of property ownership. You will find a summary of Gujarat registration and stamp duty […]