Building a Home That Breathes

Greenery is a luxury in most urban areas. While most planned townships and housing complexes aim to incorporate green spaces, having plants within our homes can have a substantial positive impact on our well-being. Benefits of having plants in the house include enhanced aesthetic value, pure air, better immunity and even better mental health. With […]

Here is why Kandivali Should be Your Next Home Buying Destination

Owning property in this day and age has become an essential part of life. Basis research conducted on the leading online housing sites, on an average, in more reasonable areas of the city, to rent a 1BHK apartment, an individual would spend somewhere between Rs. 15,000 and Rs. 35,000. When one calculates the minimum cost […]

The Best Places to Raise a Family and Retire

These days, dreams of a relaxed life and retirement are on our minds from a younger age. Hectic lives, stressful work hours, time crunch, urban lifestyles, and many more such factors are motivating youngsters to think about their futures and retirement actively. While many dream of spending their retirement in the mountains or near the […]

Women Home Buyers: The Joy of Owning a House

Authored By Mr. Lalit Makhijani, Chief Marketing Officer, Godrej Properties Limited (GPL). As the employment opportunities for women grow, the spending power of the society also increases. This boosts the success of those sectors that predominantly catered to the male audience but are now opening up to. Amongst these are the real estate, automobile and the […]